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neither nor與either or 的文法與用法

neither nor只能放在句子的前面嗎?

與either or 的用法???

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    10 年前

    neither ... nor...可連接兩個字或片語

    Neither Simon nor Sally can swim.(連接兩個當主詞的專有名詞,放句子前面)

    He was neither as slim nor as healthy as I was.(連接兩個介系詞片語,放句子中間)

    Whether or not I agree with you is neither here nor there.(連接兩個當主詞補語的副詞)

    either ... or ...的用法和neither...nor相同,都是對等連接詞,但意思相反.

    Students could choose either French or Spanish.(連接兩個專有名詞,當動詞的受詞,放句子後面)

    You can either come by bus or take a taxi.(連接兩個述部,放句子後面)

    Either he forgot about the meeting or he deliberately stayed away -- I don't know.(連接兩個子句,放句子前面)

  • 10 年前

    You can give me a call either at lunch time or after work

    You reach me neither on weekends nor on public holidays. ( ==> You cannot reach me either on weekends or on public holidays)

    You can leave me a message either by email or by fax.

    Either by email or by fax, you can leave me a message.

    I usually either cook instant noodles or order take-out service during weekdays.

    I usually neither cook instant noodles nor order take-out service during weekends.


    Neither a school English teacher or a private English tutor can improve your English skills if either lacking of your diligence or lacking of their teaching experience is the main reason to cause failure.