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拉拉 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前


Mr. Liu and the Chinese should be proud. Beijing should be ashamed. On Friday, it said the choice “desecrates” the prize, compounding that shame.

Beijing is used to throwing its weight around these days — on currency, trade, the South China Sea and many other issues. Too many governments, and companies, are afraid to push back. Maybe someone in China’s leadership will now figure out that bullying is not a strategy for an aspiring world power.

Mr. Liu represents China’s best potential future. The 54-year-old scholar, writer, poet and social commentator is an unfaltering advocate of peaceful political change. During the 1989 pro-democracy protest in Tiananmen Square, he staged a hunger strike, then negotiated a peaceful retreat of student demonstrators as thousands of soldiers stood by with rifles drawn. He has been harassed and detained repeatedly since then.

His most recent arrest — in December 2008 — came a day before a pro-democracy manifesto he helped author began circulating on the Internet. Charter 08 affirmed the importance of freedom, human rights, equality as “universal values shared by all humankind” and endorsed direct elections, judicial independence and an end to Communist Party dominance. The manifesto was on the Internet only briefly before it was pulled by censors, but it still garnered 10,000 signatures.

The Nobel Committee rightly noted that the Chinese government has lifted millions of Chinese from poverty but political change has not kept up with economic reforms. China’s leaders can continue to repress their people or lead the way into an era of expanded freedoms.

No matter what Beijing says or does, the world will not forget Mr. Liu. It will not forget Gao Zhisheng and Hu Jia and all the other jailed dissidents. We honor their courage and their struggle for freedom.





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  • 璇妞
    Lv 5
    10 年前


    北京是用來投擲重量圍繞這些天 - 貨幣,貿易,南中國海和許多其他問題。太多國家的政府,企業,都不敢反擊。也許有人在中國的領導層現在弄清楚,是不是欺負一個有抱負的世界戰略力量。

    劉先生代表中國的最有潛力的未來。現年 54歲的學者,作家,詩人和社會評論家是堅定的主張和平的政治變革。在1989年民運天安門抗議,他上演了一場絕食,然後通過談判和平示威的學生撤退數以千計的士兵用步槍站在畫。他曾多次遭到騷擾和拘留至今。

    他最近被逮捕 - 2008年12月 - 前一天來了一個親民主宣言,他幫助撰文人開始在互聯網上流傳。 08憲章的重要性,肯定了自由,人權,平等的“普世價值共享全人類”,並通過直接選舉,司法獨立和結束共產黨的統治地位。該宣言是在互聯網上只簡單地拉著前審查,但仍囊括萬個簽名。



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