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Force To Stress

The stress is a ordeal which everyone can't escape,even if a student who is playful everday,he has to open book humbly while a exam is coming.The teacher is harder than the student.He(Her) has a stress of catching up progression as well as a burden of the holy mission to teach the next generation,and affraids to guide a fault of demonstrate to students.In short, the stress is a invisible burden made of mission and responsiblity.Although it is caused outside,it grews inside your mind.

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    Facing stress

    Stress is an ordeal that people cannot avoid. Even a student, who is playful

    on a daily basis, should open his book sitting upright in the face of a big exam.

    A teacher works even harder: catching up on class schedule without a break

    and shouldering the noble mission of cultivating the next generation in a

    serious manner that won't mislead the pupils. In short, stress, coming from

    outside and springing from inside, is an unseen burden comprising mission

    and duty.

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