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匿名使用者 發問時間: 運動籃球 · 10 年前

NBA的John wall選秀狀元的音樂

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請問 各位大大知道這首歌嗎?

我找好久 都找不到


1 個解答

  • 10 年前

    歌名 Do the John Wall

    演唱 Troop 41

    收錄 Do The John Wall ( 數位發行MP3 格式)

    發行 2009



    Raleigh be the city where we like to do the dance

    Flex to the left throw some money out yo hands

    Do it for the city, we do it for the fans

    to ball like Wall boy you gotta do the dance

    Everybody do the John Wall, John Wall, John Wall, John Wall, John Wall, John Wall, John Wall, John Wall

    Verse 1

    Everybody clip out hand me the rock

    time running down three seconds on the shot clock

    Bring the defense home boy I cant be stopped

    All about my money say ya know Im making bank shots

    Im try to tell em boy you cant guard this

    Feast on the court home boy I play the hardest

    Jump shot stupid, yeah its retarded

    You can't guard me in the paint, I'm an artist

    See I hustle on the flo call me Rick Ross

    See the truth get it jumpin like a tip off

    I play hard til I hear the ref blow the whistle

    I'm a player but my game be so official

    Never reach gotta stay outta foul trouble

    But I drive in the lane get em in foul trouble

    They can't solve my game I'm a hard puzzle

    But I keep three dime, thats a tripple double


    Verse 2

    Sick wit it hussel for the rock I go go get it

    Im in it to win it now wit my baby we represent it

    and i dont ball hog we got a whole team in it

    see you just dribble but aint ever got the heart to finish

    cant put me out the game Im in that thing from start to finish

    and if I can't drive that lane best believe Im bout to dish it

    side line drifting now im gliding down the base line

    bout to do a big slide catch me all the inches

    Commin from the south side they expectations of us is that we will not rise

    yet still we prove them wrong we flexin cause we hot guys

    green light to the game we will not die

    ha, yeah, say saw you call that the great wall

    All I do is fall get up I can take a fall

    I'm hungry for the top call it lunch time

    game winning shots yeah it clutch time


    Verse 3

    Oh yeah we balling

    balling til we falling

    until the last second I'm guessing we gon be balling


    2010-11-05 01:01:51 補充:

    剩下歌詞Cuz Kentucky hear to win,

    Not to watch you play

    Whole world do the dance

    Say what up UK

    Better take him out the game

    Cuz they say the boy insane

    When he coming down the lane

    Trying to catch him bang bang

    2010-11-05 01:02:07 補充:

    First we flex show that muscle

    Then we jig on um

    For the small player let my Cousins get Big on em

    You aint handling the anti body catch you still on em

    Pass it to the point, cross over and Im still on em

    Cal going banana's so you know that we peel on em

    2010-11-05 01:02:15 補充:

    And we from the arch and it like it being real on em

    Jump shot deadly you know that we kill on em

    Time to grab the money ball bout to shoot a bill on em

    North Cat we gonna show em how to do it

    Do the John Wall, aint nothing really to it


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