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Joanna 發問時間: 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 10 年前



1.每個人小時候,都可能是不被了解的火星小孩,這是一部關於自閉症孩子的電影,故事是敘述大衛從小自認是一個外星人,因為這種幻想力,讓它變成了暢銷的科幻小說家(science fiction writer) 。剛剛喪偶(recently widowed )的他,想要領養小孩,而這個小孩認來自火星(Mars),是大家眼裡的”怪胎”(weirdo),他沒有朋友,與人無法溝通(uncommunication),沒有辨別是非的能力(distinguish between night or wrong)…白天躲在箱子裡…

2.他總是帶著他的重裝備(stuff) ,否則會被飄走(float away)



4. 丹尼斯是大衛的翻版,因為大偉小時候也是受到大家排擠的怪胎,也覺得自己是外星人,他常常看著天空幻想著有一天他會被接回他的星球去

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    1. every person as a child, may not be aware of Mars, which is a autistic children's film, the story is the story of David young, who is an alien because this kind of imagination, let it become a best-selling science fiction novelist (science fiction writer). Recently widowed (recently widowed), he wanted to adopt a child, the child recognition from Mars (Mars), is a vision of "freaks" (weirdo), he has no friends, and people cannot communicate (uncommunication), there is no discerning ability (distinguish between night or wrong) ... Daytime hide in a box ...

    2. He always with his heavy equipment (stuff), or else they would be drift away (float away)

    3. I find it very interesting that

    Dennis day stay in the box, because he felt that the Sun is too strong, most people will think this is very strange, but David did give him some sunscreen and sunglasses, let him fight with sunshine

    4. Dennis is David's pirated, since it is subject to scrutiny when everyone crowding of freaks, they feel that they are aliens, he often looked at the sky dream one day he will be back to his planet


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  • 10 年前

    1. Each person childhood, all possibly not Mars child who understood, this is one about the zi4bi4 syndrome child's movie, the story is narrates David to confess since childhood is an alien, because of this kind of fantasy strength, let it turn the best-selling science fiction writer of fiction (science fiction writer).Just lost one's spouse (recently widowed) he, wish adoption child, but this child recognized comes from Mars (Mars), was in everybody eye” the monstrous fetus” (weirdo), he did not have the friend, was unable with the human to communicate (uncommunication), has not distinguished the right and wrong ability (distinguish between night or wrong)…Daytime hides in the box…

    2. He always leads him to equip (stuff) again, otherwise can flutter (float away)

    3. Let me think very interesting is

    Dennis daytime hides in the box, because he thought the sunlight too is strong, the average person can think this kind of act is very strange, but David guards against actually to him exposes to the sun the breast and the sunglasses, lets him fight bravely with the sunlight

    4. Dennis is David's reprint, because the greatly great childhood also was a monstrous fetus which received everybody to push aside, also thought oneself was the alien, he looks frequently the sky was fantasizing one day him to be able to meet his star to go

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