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Authentic text 作準約文



The terms of the treaty are presumed to have the same meaning in each authentic text.

這邊的authentic text被翻成作準約文,覺得好模糊,有沒有比較白話的方式,可以來解釋作準約文?


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  • Jessie
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    10 年前

    authentic text地道文本 or......有效的,可靠的文本

    Authentic Text text of a document that corresponds in content to a text in another language and that is equally valid. In international law, the term is used in connection with international treaties. The text of a treaty may be worked out and adopted in one language, but its authenticity is established in two or more languages. If a treaty is written in two or more languages, then in accordance with the general rule its text in each language is considered equally authentic—that is, they are equally genuine and have equal validity. However, the treaty may provide that in the event of differences in interpretation, preferential force is to be given to the text in the language (or languages) indicated directly in the treaty.