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How to enlarge your vocabulary

Hi, this is Ashley!

Ive never studied or traveled abroad. After years of studies in English, I found that what I have learnt doesnt seem enough.

(Worst of all, some are even forgotten after I graduated from college. > <)

And I was wondering how people enlarge their vocabulary?

It will be very much appreciated if anyone can share his experience.

Thanks a million ^^

I am willing to buy books or try any means to follow your steps!

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  • 10 年前

    1. To read novels - be selective while you choose what to read. You can begin with young adult novels which are less complicated for a beginner.

    2. Besides, you can read magazines. There are lots of monthly magazines to choose from. Pick one in accordance to your English proficiency level.

    3. If you tend to memorize words from dictionary or word book, I will recommend you narrow down the numbers you do so. Maybe 10 words a day.

    Here is a good book for your reference.

    Title : Word Power Made Easy

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  • 10 年前



    Ive未曾學習或移动了海外。 在研究年以后用英语,我发现什麼我學會了不似乎足够。

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