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「天鵝湖」有一個頗為浪漫的故事:年輕的齊格菲王子已屆成年,母后特地為他安排了一個盛大的舞會,遍邀各國佳麗參加,預備就中選取一位做為王子的新娘。舞會的前一夜,齊格菲與友人外出打獵,在湖邊遇上了美麗的奧蕾蒂公主,二人一見鍾情。但公子向王子表示,由於魔鬼的法術,她已經變成了一隻天鵝,只有在夜晚才能回復人身,天一亮,她即將 是一隻天鵝了。又說若要解除她的魔咒,必須得到一位純情的青年的愛才有可能。王子便邀她去參加明晚舉行的舞會,他決定選她為妃。誰知這消息被壞心眼的魔鬼知道了,第二天夜晚便把他的妹妹化裝成奧蕾蒂的模樣,讓她出現在舞會上。不明究裏的王子,以為她就是天鵝公主,便當眾向她求婚。遲來一步的奧蕾蒂目賭此一情景,以為王子已經變心 傷心欲絕 ,奔回森林,投湖自盡。了解真像後的王子,痛心之餘,也追到森林,投湖殉情

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    "Swan Lake" has a rather romantic story: the young Prince Siegfried full age, his mother arranged specially for him a great ball, all over the country invited to participate in beauty, ready to select one as the prince's bride . Night before the prom, Siegfried and his friends go out hunting, the lake meets the beautiful Princess Aolei Di, the two fall in love. But the son said to the prince, the devil's magic, she has turned into a swan, only to return at night, the person, at dawn, and she is a swans. To lift the curse she said, must be an innocent young love is possible. Prince has invited her to attend tomorrow night at the ball, he decided to vote for her Weifei. Who would have thought the news was bad eye of the devil know, the next day at night disguised as his sister put Aolei Di appearance, she appeared at the ball. Research in the unknown prince, the princess that she is the swan, he publicly proposed to her. Belated step Aolei Di purpose of this gambling scenario, that the prince had a change of heart grief-stricken, ran back to the forest, investment and lake himself. After the prince really like to know, sad, but also an catch up with the forest, to vote for Love Lake

  • Swan Lake has a very romantic story of a young Prince Siegfried of Qi has been attained, the mother has arranged a grand ball, again invited to participate in the preparation of beauties, in the select a bit as Prince bride. The dance of the previous night, Siegfried and friends go out hunting, by the Lake, a beautiful Princess, Lady, who at first sight. But the son of the Prince said that as the Devil's spell, she has turned into a Swan, only at night in order to reply to the person, the first light, she will soon be a Swan. And he said to release her spell, must be a romantic young love is possible. The Prince then invited her to join the party tomorrow night, he decided to make her a Princess. But the news is bad for the devil, the second night they put his sister Lady disguised as Austrian, make her appear at the ball. The Prince of unknown cause, thought she was the Swan Princess, he proposed to her in public. Belated step of Lady head bet this one scene that Prince has folded and heartbroken, rush back to the forest, Lake and drown. Learn like Prince, after painful, we catch up to the climax forest, Lake


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