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造句 tired of

2.take part in

3.not all

4.look up

5.think of *2

6.hand in*2

7.turn on*2

8.put away*2

9.cleaned up*2

10.dress up*2

11.fell off*2

12.pass out*2

13.taken away*2

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    1. 鳥的成語 : 一石二鳥 鳥盡弓藏 鳥面鵠形 鳥語花香

    如果不侷限鳥字 還有 鴉雀無聲 鴻鵠之志 鵬程萬里 鶴立雞群 鶴髮雞皮 鶯鶯


    2. be tired of 疲倦 厭倦 He is tired of doing so much homework.

    3. take part in 參加 John takes part in a music club.

    4. not all 一點也不 I am not tired at all.

    5. look up 查閱 He looks up the words in his dictionary.

    6. think of 想起 Every time I see the picture, I think of my father.

    When I visit this place, I can not help but think of my ex-girlfriend.

    7. hand in 繳交 You should hand in your papers on time.

    The teacher ask us to hand in our homework tomorrow.

    8. turn on 打開(電器開關) Please turn on the fan for me.

    He turns on the TV.

    9. put away 收好 拋棄 Please put your books away.

    Put your garbage away.

    10 clean up 清潔 After you finish your meal, please clean up the table

    by yourself.

    Would you please clean up your bedroom everyday?

    11.dress up 盛裝打扮 She dressed up for her birthday party.

    Please dress up when you join the ball.

    12. fell off / fall off的過去式 減少 降低 Enrollment has fallen off this year;

    The birthrate has fallen off these years.

    13. pass out 昏倒 The girl passed out from the intense heat.

    The old man passed out from the heart attack.

    14. take away 帶走 拿走 Please take me away from here.

    Remember to take your trash away.