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請各位大大幫我找找這首歌 +10點







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    曲名: I O U

    演唱: New Ridaz

    專輯: New Ridaz (2006年發行)


    Iou , iou

    Iou , iou

    Iou , iou


    Now this is for the times you been there for me.

    When no one in the world even cared for me.

    And all the bad times that you shared wit me.

    You kept me smiling when my times were rough.

    Iou for being so patient, the lonely nights waiting, I know it was hard.

    But you stayed down even when I didnt think you would stick around.

    You were holding on and staying strong for both of us .


    I know you care for me and I hope that would never change.


    Naw cuz I be there all the way thru the end no more drama let forever begin


    I thought I never love again, but now Im loving

    Thought I never feel again, you got me feeling

    Thought I never breath again, and now Im breathing

    You gave me something new for me to believe in

    Thought I never laugh again, but now Im laughing

    Thought I never care again, you got me caring

    Thought I never share again, but now Im sharing

    My life is with your Im not scare no more

    Iou everything

    Iou iou (iou everything)

    Iou iou (iou everything)

    Iou iou (iou everything)


    Tell me girl where you been on my life

    I Been waiting for this day you make this feelings so right

    I wanna hold you in my arms and never let you go

    deserve to be loved not be afraid no more

    So listen I cant tell you how happy I am

    Understand Im being true you will never need another man

    You open up my eyes to a whole different world

    I know love still exist cuz I found you gurl