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急~ 尋找中翻英高手~~請高手幫幫





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    3. let your children make a confident person

    Confidence on the development of one's life, regardless of intellectual or physical ability, or in life are the cornerstone of on a support role. a lack of confidence of the people lack the capacity development initiative and motivation enthusiasm. to stimulate people's senses and functional and comprehensive ability to play a decisive role to play. United States attached great importance to family education on child development and self-confidence of the Chinese family education of patriarchal education tradition, parents on their children's basic education policy is to protect, educate and discipline. Such as the United States in particular to encourage children to participate in family, community organizations, softball team, football, volleyball, coaching is often the parents, the parents each time the game is to help or services, this can exercise their body, the more you can experience they face difficulties of courage and confidence.