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An unforgettable childhood experience.

A most embarrassing experience.

A visit to a night market.




To jim : A visit to a night market. 未滿127字欸 =ˇ=

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    An unforgettable childhood experience.

    When I was 10 years old, my uncle took me to Fu-Long beach for a swim in the ocean. It was in the middle of August, just about the hottest day of the year. I did not know how to swim so my uncle put me in a loating ring in order to keep me afloat. Half an hour into having so much fun in the water, bobbing up and down with the huge waves. I could hear other people shouting and screaming with excitement. Then all of a sudden it happend, a hunge wave came and knocked my ring up side down. I hung on to the ring with everything I've got and try to kick and right myself up. That's when I realized my feet were in the air and my upper body was submerged in water. "I WAS DROWNING!!!" My God, I am going to die. a few seconds later somebody nearby came to my rescue in time to flip me over so I can breache again. I will never forget this ordeal for the rest of my life.

    A most embarrassing experience.

    I still remember the day that I had the most embarrassing experience of my life. It was Chinese New Year's Eve when pretty much everybody has gone home to celebrate with their family. I just got out of work and was so anxious to get home to my family. Light cold rain was making the walk to the MTR station even more uncomfortable. I've had upset stomach for a couple of days, and was in constant need of going to the bathroom. When the urge came about, I was almost 100 meters from the station. I kind of paced up and trotted into the station, Good thing the station was deserted because of the Holiday. I found the bathroom and go on with my business. I heard high heels footsteps outside of the stall, I was thinking: What man will wear high heels?. I did not realized I was in a "Ladies Room" until I got out of the bathroom stall to see 2 screaming women.

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    I like night markets. The inexpensive clothings, the hustles and bustles, and the delicious food are the reasons I like them. I went to Shihlin Night Market last weekend. It was full of people and busy as usual.

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    I spent two hours walking in the crowd then I treated myself across the street for some delicious food. It was an excellent experience.

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    加在第一和第二一件中間:It was so noisy that I could hear nothing but the shouting matches between the shop owners and the blaring music from the vendors. and there were always snacks and cold drink to have in between the aisles in case you get hungry and thirsty from the heat and walking.


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    Jim...你真的很有耐心唉= =