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For some people, going on vacation means going to a fancy hotel; some place where someone always opens the door for you and your baggage is taken to your room for you. After you arrive, you can sit by the pool or at the beach, read a book or sleep until it is time for dinner. If you want to swim, there are lifeguards around to keep you safe.

You can arrange to fly around the area in a helicopter. Things look very different from air. You can even fly by helicopter to a remote area with a tent and other gear and go camping for several days.

Instead of staying at a luxury hotel, some people prefer to stay at a countryside inn. After they arrive at the inn, they may wish to put on their bicycle helmets and then pedal alone the narrow roads and lanes. These people will enjoy sights that people driving alone the highways will never see. Motel alone the highway in the countryside are also a good place to stop for people who have bicycles, Be sure to choose a good location near some interesting sights.

For those who seek adventure, traveling up and down a river in a canoe is interesting. You can put your gear into your backpack and head out. You can stop, catch some fish, put up your tent, and enjoy the evening. The next morning, you can then travel on to the next location. Along the coast, there are often ferries that carry people and their cars to nearby islands. The fares are not expensive. Once on the island, people can drive to a local mountain and view the area from its peak



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