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夜彥 發問時間: 教育與參考出國留學 · 10 年前

parsons 和 FIT 服裝設計詳細問題

>>有關 "parsons" 和 "FIT" 服裝設計系的一些 "詳細" 問題








>>有相關網站也歡迎推薦 :))

不需介紹parsons 和 FIT 的歷史和校友 =))


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    10 年前


    Parsons has a 4 years program.

    FIT (you have to apply for a 2 years program). If you want to have a BFA degree, you go for another two years.


    FIT, you need to apply first, then FIT will send you the questions(by an email). FIT treats 作品集 like a test. 1. You need to know how to design clothes. 2. FIT might give you 2 pictures, and ask you to choose one of them. You have to write an essay for your decision.

    Parsons, "a portfolio of 8 to 12 pieces of work such as drawings, paintings, photographs, digital media, design, or three-dimensional work".


    FIT 550 (paper-based). Well, I went to FIT open house event with my student. If you have 500, but you have an excellent 作品集, I think FIT will still take you.

    I don't think you need to take SAT for FIT.

    Parsons 580 (paper-based). For Parsons, SAT score is not that important either.


    FIT about $25000 a year (everything). Parsons: about $45000 to $50000 a year (everything).

    5. 獎學金

    FIT: I don't think you are able to apply 獎學金. FIT is a state school, and you are an international student. Most 獎學金 is for the US citizens.

    For Parsons, if you are an excellent student, it may provide 獎學金.

    6. 財力證明

    You don't need worry about that now. After you get in, you need have 財力證明 to prove that you have enough money to attain school in the United States. Then your school will issue you an I-20.

    2010-11-15 17:45:15 補充:

    I just met someone graduated from Parsons. He said there is 作品集 contest every year. If you won the contest, you can go to Parsons with full scholarship. Good Luck.

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