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我覺得她鄉的故事還蠻有趣的,它有點像希臘的寓言故事。(她鄉)是部女人烏托邦國的諷刺寓言,寫三位男性科學家闖入女人國後發生一連串令男人不可思議的故事,這裡沒有「男性特質」與「女性特質」,只有人的自然;這裡沒有戰爭,沒有嫉妒,她們都是姐妹,一起成長—不是透過競爭,而是團結合作;她鄉的女子藉由「處女生殖」或「自體生殖」繁衍後代;女人工作量大,且個個身手矯健,敏捷有力....種種奇遇,反應並探討我們所處傳統社會以及男性主導的價值觀及種種制度的偏狹誤謬。  (黃色壁紙)是夏綠蒂最膾炙人口的自傳性作品,生動描述女人產後憂鬱症的治療過程,看見一位有創作力的女人在父權社會的壓力下,以自囚反抗,最後終於崩潰,讀之令人黯然。

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    您好: 從您的句點分成三大句來翻譯,請參考囉! 因為是描述書本內容,時態全以現在式表達。另外說明一下,書名的翻譯是想點出女人國的這個特點,還有,為了讓語意通順,有一些字詞會些變動,請見諒! ^^

    “Her Land” is an enticing short novel, with a style very similar to the Greek fables.

    The story is a parody of the Utopia, but of a female version. It begins with three male scientists trespassing and entering a land dwelled by women only, followed by surprising adventures of these men. The lines do not depict distinctions of “male” or “female,” but showing only the nature of human being. This is a world void of war and jealousy.Everyone is each other’s sister and they survive not through competition, but corporation. The women in “Her Land” prolong their lineage through parthenogenesis(asexual reproduction). They work hard to live their perfect life, and each of them is dexterous and agile. This novel satirically reflects the traditions of the society we live in and the bigotry paradoxes stemming from the male-dominated values and systems.

    “The Yellow Wallpaper” is an autobiography of Charlotte, the most acclaimed work by the writer. It vividly brings out the details of how a womanis treated for postnatal depression. We then have a glimpse of how an outstanding woman filled with creation, yet under the pressure of androcentric hegemony during that time, tried to resist the suffocating treatments through self-confinement. But in the end, she sadly descents into a total breakdown.祝 順心~

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    您好: 第三句的第2行有兩個字黏在一起,應該是 " a woman is treated for...". 抱歉~

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    您好: 第三句最後有個單字,應該是 "descends",不是 "descents"。再次抱歉^^ (我是在word打好後貼過來,結果有很多小地方要處理~)

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    I think the story of Her Hometown is quite interesting, it is somewhat similar to the Greek's parables. Her Hometown is a female utopian satire fable, describing a series of unfathomable events to men that happened after three male scientists intrude into the woman's country. In here, there is no "masculine characteristics" or "feminine characteristic," there is only what is naturally human; here has no war, no jealousy, they are all sisters, growing up together --Not through competition, but by cooperation; Her Hometown's female reproduce through "Virgin Birth" or "Self Reproduction"; the women have heavy work loads, and every one of them is athletic, agile and strong... These adventures, reflect and discuss the conservative culture that we are in, the male dominated values, and the narrow-minded errors of the system.

    (The Yellow Wallpaper) is Charlotte's most well-known autobiographical masterpiece, which vividly describes a woman's postpartum depression therapy process. Seeing a creative woman who, under the pressure of the patriarchy society, rebels through self-imprisonment, finally collapses at the end, leaves the reader feeling dejected.

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    OTL 才注意到我沒有檢查文法....算了, 能懂就好