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我人在香港想訂購一支iphone 給我美國家人,





HK iphone4 is the unlocked version, and that's why US is cheaper. So now u get it????

You haven't answered any of my question anyway, so why bother make yourself answer each of my post on Yahoo!!! Pointless!!! And your attitude sucks!!

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My dad's using AT&T, the reason why I ship the phone is because it's unlocked so that when he travels around he could still use the phone with a different sim. By the way, thanks for the info.

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  • Gary
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    1 0 年前

    Ask your family to buy it on their own. It is cheaper this way.

    Anyway - Please remove your excessive questions in Yahoo!奇摩知識+. You have asked the same question three times.

    2010-11-17 02:31:12 補充:

    In order to use 3G feature, you must use AT&T in the U.S., using T-Mobile may affect the potential of iPhone.

    In term of shipping, you can ship any method as you want to - as soon as you report exactly it is a iPhone and buy enough insurance.