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    Taipei International Flora Expo is one of the most important events in year 2010. At the opening ceremony night, the authority organized the firework show has directly lead more visitors has strong expectation to the expo. There is variety of green building and information about flowers inside the Flora Expo, such as the pavilion of New Fashion is created by millions of bottles and the pavilion of future let visitors have better understanding about the character of flowers and different types of flora from worldwide. The singers dedicated the songs and dance that is correlated with flower has created a lot of fun. The show combines with multi-national cultural and green living. Taiwan is a small country and rarely expose in the world but this country is rich of resources and own characteristic. Hopefully in the future, Taiwan can have more opportunity to hope that Taiwan can have more opportunity to organize big events and let the world hear the voice of Taiwan residents.

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    This yearnost receives stares at The goal is" Taibei international flowers and plants exposition " .Is beginning that evening,Taiwan has also managed a large-scale smoke and fire Xiu. Let the tourists anticipate the flowered abundant start. In the flowered abundant campus, has all kinds of green construction as well as about the colored knowledge. For example " Flows temporary office of president " Has several 1,000,000 jars to cover! Also has " In the future hall ' Let the tourists know that various countries' the flower and plant's habit, experiences the colored life. Is really very interesting! The Taiwan happy singers have also made many related flower's songs and the dance. Unified various countries' culture characteristic and the artistic green life. Although Taiwan is only a small country, also very little steps into the global stage. However he is actually filling the rich resources and the characteristic. The hope Taiwan can also have the budding opportunity from now on. Let the world's the resident hear Taiwan people's heartbeat.

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