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這次送你的禮物希望你會喜歡!^ ^

祝你 聖誕節快樂!






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  • 10 年前

    Dear husbands: Today is I kui disobeys already the long Christmas day,

    This is also our second Christmas day,one year has passed by ...... Inside this more than year of days, said real ~

    You let me be brokenhearted,I is really very sad! You know?

    Although this more than year of time you have not always been accompanying me,But you leave my side now ......I really good thinks you!If this life can only love a person,I will choose you!

    Because I really loves you very much ......Hoped that you are also so!

    I knew that you do not certainly feel better in the armed forces,Laborious you!

    I will love you well, the little darling will wait for you to come back ......

    For you, I very diligently do the schoolwork!

    Also hopes us to be able in together long-time,Grows old together Luo!

    This time gives your gift to hope that you will like! ^ ^

    Wishes you to be Christmas day joyful!P.S.I will wait for you to come back, at that time we can be happier!

    0. Most loves you the wife. 0



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  • 10 年前

    Dear husband:

    Today is already a long time Christmas that my Kui disobeys,

    This was also our second Christmas and passed by for a year......

    Many days in the this year in, serious~

    You make me heart-broken, I am really sad!Do you know?

    Although several times in this year you always didn't accompany me,

    And you leave me again now......I really miss you so much!

    If this whole life could only love a person, I still would choose you!

    Because I really love you......Hope that you are also such!

    I know that you aren't definitely pleasurable in the soldier, pain you!

    I will love you well, the darling waits for you back......

    Also hoping that we can be long together to last long is long and reach old age together!

    The gift that sends you this time hopes that you will like!^ ^

    Merry Christmas!

    P.S. I will wait for you back, we would be more happy at that time!

    0.Love most your wife.0

    For the sake of you, I do homework very hard

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  • 墨者
    Lv 6
    10 年前

    Dear husband:

    Today is my disobey already jiu de Christmas Day,

    This too is our the second Christmas Day, pass in a. .....

    A year many days in at this, be serious to say~

    You let I heartbreaking, I real very sad! You know?

    Though this many time you always have no accompany with I in a,

    But now you and leave I nearby. .....I real want you!

    If this' lifetime can only love an individual, I or can choose you!

    Because I real very love you. .....Hope you too is so!

    I know you certain not good incur in army, work hard you!

    I can nicely love you, my darling wait for you come back. .....

    Too hope we can together long long time, reach old age together luo!

    This time give your present hope you can like! ^ ^

    Hope you Christmas Day happiness!

    P. S. I can wait for you come back, did that time we can much happy!

    0. Most love your wife. 0

    "for you, I very effort make lesson! "...

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