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  • Inez
    Lv 7
    10 年前

    演唱 Field Mob feat. Ciara

    歌名 So What

    專輯 Light Poles and Pine Trees (2006)


    [Chorus: Ciara]

    They say he do a little of this

    He do a little of that

    He's always in trouble, and I heard

    He ain't nothing but a pimp

    He got a lot of chicks

    He's always in the club

    And they say he think he's slick

    He got a lot of chips

    He's so messed up, I heard

    He's been locked up, find somebody else

    He ain't nothing but a thug

    So what

    So what

    So what

    So what

    [Verse 1: Field Mob]

    And they say I'm a slut, I'm a hoe, I'm a freak

    I got a different girl every day of the week

    You too smart to

    You'd be a dummy to believe

    That stuff that you heard

    That they say about me

    They say I done this

    They said I done that

    But all of it's fiction none of it's facts

    But you don't be hearing that about your love

    You let it go in one ear and out the other

    The he say, she say, they say, I heard

    The beef ain't, we can't let it get on our nerves

    She miserable, she just want you to be

    Like her misery needs company

    So don't listen to that vine of grapes there

    Nothing but liars hating I bet

    They wouldn't mind trading places

    With you by my side in my Mercedes

    [Chorus: Ciara]

    [Verse 2: Field Mob]

    Mo' money mo' problems

    Life of a legend

    Haters throw salt like rice at a wedding

    So what, that's your cousin

    That don't mean nothing

    Her like missing in a tight of affection

    You get, you just blind to the facts

    See the lies, just obvious drives for attention

    You to the fine just supply your suspicious

    But listen, say you love me

    Gotta trust me

    Why you stress this high school mess

    Break up never, they just jealous

    Drama for your mama, mean mug for your brother

    I'm the author of the book nigga judge by the cover, yes

    I-I been to jail, yes

    I-I'm grinding for real and

    I'm positive, they talking negative pimp

    They hate to see you doing better then them, so

    [Chorus: Ciara]

    (Ladies and gentlemen! Ciara!)


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