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Do you think American girls?

Do you think that American girls crezy about British guys?

I watched the movie ''love actully'', one of the scene is Collin trip to America, and that American girls are

crezy about him and his accent.

does it really happen in US? is it true?


sorry it's crazy about

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well done, the best answer must be for you if I dont have another answers

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    9 年前

    I watched a movie about a man being sent from his mid century to the present today by a crazy scientist and he speaks British English and the girl in this movie is crazy about him too even though she doesn't love anyone at first. It's called 穿越時空愛上你 in Chinese I think it is really one of my favorite movies but I always have lots of favorites so my answer is yes. Because British men are gentle and always speak in a romantic way. Please choose me as the best answer I love you.

    2010-11-21 11:40:06 補充:

    I think yes.

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  • 9 年前

    No way! Brits are smelly and stupid. Asian men are sexy gentlemen.

    2010-11-21 10:00:38 補充:

    I thought you were asking for the opinions from American girls? Is 001 an American girl? Or is her opinion also from watching movies?

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