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    Research on the topic, the main purpose of a brand building, advertising, and marketing. Numerous sports brand on the market, we select NIKE. First, to collect the relevant data, NIKE his origin, was born, history ... And so on. Furthermore, we refer to the network and the information on the book, through this information, we found his success is finding consistent with modern social marketing methods. What is "consistent with modern social marketing methods to promote the same product?", marketing your brand is no longer just an ignorant of his right, his good points, but from the perspective of "consumers". No matter how big, it is a good advantage, if consumers do not feel that it is not too large, so that consumers can NIKE, try, try, road running races, basketball ... And so on. For the consumer wants, as consumers do to create unlimited business opportunities, after all, consumers will always be the most.

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    The main purpose of this project is to study how to build a brand research, publicity and marketing. Many brands available in the market movement, we chose to NIKE. First, to gather relevant information NIKE, his origin, birth, history ... ... and so on. Furthermore, we refer to the information on the Internet and books, through these information, we found that his success is found for the marketing methods of modern society. What is "marketing approach in line with modern society?" To promote a product, and marketing their own brands, says that he is no longer reimbursing the good, his good points, but from the "consumer" perspective. Whether there is another big, even the best advantage, if consumers do not feel it is not much effect, so NIKE enable consumers to participate, try, try activities, marathon race, basketball game ... ... and so on. Consumers want, consumers do in order to create unlimited business opportunities, after all, always the largest consumer.


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