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Do you think it is more stressful to work at a job that is physically or mentally challenging? Why?

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  • 10 年前

    JJIt would be totally different for different kinds of people. JJIf you are kind of sensitive people , you would feel more and deeper than other people when you face the problems on both physical and mental side. Sometime you may find it hard to deal with your short limit, all you can do is to define your job as interesting work. JJIf you are open mind , then it might be easy for you to take mentally challenging work funny. You may think that you can learn and get from your work instead of loss or exhaust.JJIf you are kind of dreamboat , then you most feel physical work an extra burden for you. On that way you should be more stressed when you do something only depends on your physical strength. The reason is simple, you just want more time and opportunities to make your dream come true. And most of time we know that a real bog dream deserves more mental ability than simple physical ability.JJBut it’s said that most people feel physically exhausted when they do too much mental work. So it is for some people to feel mentally exhausted when using physical power too much. We can say that all people need to get a balance between both side, but we know that it’s really difficult for everyone.JJIt’s believed that we do something purposeless sometime would make work less stressful. Just like do something we really love and be interested in, we don’t eager for money but truly happiness.

  • 10 年前


    stress make me more strenth than before!

    but too strong to opposite it

    will more weak than before