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在美國, 小孩要改名字會不會很困難?

我們住在美國 小孩也是在美國出生

但是小孩的英文名字有點太特別 所以我們想要幫她換一個名字

由於她才兩歲多 所以 我們認為是應該來得及的

不知道有沒有人有幫小孩換名字的經驗 (在美國)會不會很麻煩?


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    The legal process :A legal name change provides authorization and recognition of your child's new name. It allows you to change the name that's printed on your child's Social Security card and, depending on how old she is, on her birth certificate.

    The easiest way to get started is to contact a lawyer. The lawyer will know your state's specific rules and requirements, supply you with all the appropriate forms, and file the forms with the court.

    If you don't want to pay a lawyer's fees, you may be able to navigate the process by yourself. Your first step would be to contact your local county court to learn the exact process you'll need to go through, as name change procedures vary by state.

    In Minnesota, for example, your child must have been a Minnesota resident for a minimum of six months in order to qualify for a legal name change. In California, if you're filing for the name change as a single parent, you'll be required to provide the other parent with a copy of the paperwork at least 30 days before the court date.

    If you and your spouse are applying together, both of you will be required to sign the forms. Many states, including California, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Utah, explain the whole process online and provide free, downloadable forms. Other states, such as Idaho, provide free, downloadable forms only for low-income families. If you can't obtain the forms online, call your county court to find out where you can purchase them.

    Although the requirements vary slightly by state, here's a basic list of the forms you'll be dealing with:

    •Petition for a name change

    •Court order approving your desired name change

    •Petition giving public notice of the name change

    •Final decree from the court authorizing the name change

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    很多人用"暱名" 朋友之間叫好聽的名字 要記住所有文件上都用正式的名字就可以了

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    d:P I don't like change the name... too much works need to do....


    我想換我的名字~可是所有 bank... passport... SSN DMV.... 都要去通知~嫌麻煩就做罷~

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