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TomyTom 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前



















Evening of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month the qin drum plays the flowered street light like daytime

Song and laughter floating on the bow of a ship

Is pulled the hand by you not to be able to embrace permanent

Rain, we know thicked green leaves and safflower wilted

Wants to eliminate lovesickness but wiping away my tears with spring sleeve

Boatman said it was parting worries

You deliver my red bean to be able originally decayed

What a pity tells me from nobody

The cold river accompanied smoke and firework. Moon companion star like yesterday

How can you ever leave me alone

If you think of me

Do not have to feel ashamed at that time pledged too heavy

How to complain whose mistake that to assemble and to part is variably.



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G Tso解得有詩意,主要意思也多能懂,我也在學習中,


The red bean you gave me

It had spoiled>



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They thought I missed my family>

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  • 10 年前

    相思垢Love sickness

    元夜琴鼓奏 花街燈如晝Musical night at the end of the lunar yearThe streets were beautiful and bright like a painting

    歡歌笑語飄上船頭Songs and happy chatting were on the air like a breeze flow to the ferry where I stood

    被你牽過的手攬不住永久My hand you had once held in your handHad never be able to hold things forever as I wished

    雨過方知綠肥紅瘦Rain brought the green plants greenerYet it ruined the beauty of the flowerI missed spring

    欲除相思垢 淚浣春袖The unstoppable tear was to clean the dirt in my sleeves got wet

    船家只道是離人愁They thought I missed my family

    你送我的紅豆原來會腐朽The red bean you gave meIt had spoiled

    可惜從沒人告訴我I wasn’t told

    寒江陪煙火 月伴星如昨Night cameLights lighted up along the riverStars and the moon appeared as was yesterday

    可你怎麼獨留我一個人過I was aloneHow could you?

    若你想起我If you think of me

    不必抱愧當時承諾太重Please don’t feel obliged to meThough you made the pledge

    聚散無常怨誰錯There are no definite rules of gathering and separationWho should we blame?


    2010-11-23 17:06:36 補充:

    please change flow to flew -

    " songs and happy chatting were on the air like a breeze flew to the ferry where I stood".

    2010-11-23 17:54:44 補充:

    correction again. well, what can I say! I am learning.....

    Please change 'was' to 'were' in here --

    "Stars and the moon appeared as were yesterday."

    2010-11-24 06:42:58 補充:

    The red bean you gave me ....

    When did the person give you the bean I don’t really know but I would guess he or she won’t give you a spoiled one that’s for sure. If you really want to spell all things out then it may not appear to be a short poem but rather an essay. Well, what do I know?

    2010-11-24 06:45:35 補充:

    Please refer to 'opinion page' for more. thanks

    2010-11-24 06:46:51 補充:

    離人 – who you missed I would not know. What I know is family plays an important role in everyone heart; whether you run away, you’ve been kicked out, or whatever the reasons you might have I’m sure you would miss home.

    2010-11-24 06:47:48 補充:

    What is more devastating then you separate from your family or not to be valued by them? If you’d like you can change ‘family’ to ‘friend’ or ‘divorced’ ‘has just been dumped’ or whatever you think suit you.

    2010-11-24 06:48:18 補充:

    Again, do you want to write an essay to detail your thought and feeling or a short poem? Well, again, I’ve no idea.

    2010-11-24 06:48:40 補充:

    English is not a bunch of grammar formulas like maths.

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  • 10 年前

    You know why people hate translation by the Google machine, or other similar ones ? Because the result is terrible --- The Americans call it the rubber chicken --- chicken that tastes like rubber.

    Translating Chinese poetry to English is guaranteed to be a rubber chicken, because if you get the meaning right, then not the rhyme, and then not the 'feel' ..

    This is why you will never see a book called 唐詩三白首 白話文版。

    This is why 唐詩 or Shakespear should have only 註解 and nothing else.

    2010-11-24 00:15:40 補充:

    If you really mean what you say .. 只想知道英文會如何準確表達中文的意義,詩意就算

    then you could have translated it to 白話文 first...

    花街燈如晝 would have generated 'Street decorated with flowers lit up like day time' .. that is not how any of the translation went ..

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