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近來風力渦輪機的研究發展多著重於垂直軸心風力渦輪機(Vertical axis wind turbines, VAWTs),亦即其葉片或螺旋翼係固定於一個與地面垂直的軸桿上。由於其軸桿係垂直轉動,垂直軸心風力渦輪機即不需隨著風向而調整其定位。由於螺旋翼的形狀及其軸承,必定伴隨其軸桿的旋轉而產生迎風阻力,進而影響其風機旋轉的穩定性。 針對上述缺失,我們以對對轉式風力發電機改良傳統垂直軸式低風速風力發電裝置,它具有兩個呈現反向旋轉配置之垂直軸式風葉,以差速機分別帶動兩葉輪架體反向旋轉,在葉片上可自動調節葉片組的轉速,使兩反向旋轉的葉片組的轉速相同,以互相抵消對於整個裝置造成的晃動,而降低整體旋轉裝置的晃動,並改進垂直風力發電機之角度死點的缺失。

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  • 10 年前

    Recently the wind power turbine research develops much emphatically in the vertical axle center wind power turbine (Vertical axis wind turbines, VAWTs), i.e. its leaf blade or the spiral rotor are fix in one with the ground vertical shaft lever on.Because its shaft lever is the vertical rotation, the vertical axle center wind power turbine namely does not have to adjust its localization along with the wind direction.As a result of the spiral rotor shape and the bearing, follow its shaft lever revolving to have against the wind the resistance surely, then affects its air blower revolving the stability.

    In view of the above flaw, we by to transfer the type wind-driven generator improvement tradition vertical shaft type low wind speed wind power generation installment, it has two to present the contra-rotation disposition the vertical shaft-type wind leaf, separately leads two pheel carrier body contra-rotation by the differential, on the leaf blade may the automatic control leaf blade group's rotational speed, cause the two anti's to be same to the revolving leaf blade group's rotational speed, by mutually counterbalances rocking which creates regarding the entire installment, but reduces the whole turning gear rocking, and improves angle of blind spot the vertical wind-driven generator flaw.


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  • 10 年前

    Recent research on the development of wind turbines and more focus on vertical axis wind turbines (Vertical axis wind turbines, VAWTs), i.e., its leaves or helical wing line fixed to a vertical shaft. Because of its rotational axis vertical bar, vertical axis wind turbines is not required as the wind direction and adjust its position. Since the spiral shape of the wing and its bearing, must accompany its shaft rotation resulting in the wind resistance, which in turn affect the stability of its fan rotation.

    The above is missing, we take on the Rotary wind generator improved traditional vertical-type low wind speed wind power installations, it is rendered with two counter-rotating fan configuration of vertical-type to differential machine separately driven two-wheel frame reverse rotation, the blades can automatically adjust the speed of the blade group, so that the two counter-rotating blades in the same group of speed to cancel each other out for the entire unit caused by shaky, and reduce overall spin devices for shakes, and improves the angle of vertical wind turbine dead point.

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