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    演唱者 : Belle & Sebastian歌名 : Suicide Girl歌詞 ↓My friend,

    She wants,

    To be a suicide girl.

    I'll take her picture,

    For the whole wide world.

    I've known her for a long time,

    You could say that I'm a fan,

    But I always thought that I would be her man.My friend,

    She wants,

    To be the girl of suicide.

    She wants a number,

    For her radical side.

    I know that she is special,

    I can see what she has got,

    But without her gloves and garnered clothes

    She will take them to the world,

    Exposed, she gives it all away.My friend,

    She sometimes gets anxiety and stress.

    She got a man,

    From the NHS.

    She proclaims a week of sadness!

    She's abstained from telling jokes!

    The world will see her poor image,

    A butterfly to empathy.

    I know that I can do it,

    I'm in to light, I'm in to shade.

    But let's face the facts,

    We ain't goin' back,

    When she takes off her clothes we'll never be the same again!================================================================你/妳/您可以上國際知名的影音網站搜尋試聽比對...也請您勿置之不理...謝謝!!希望有幫到您... ^ ^P.S.:善意的提醒...請勿在答案出現後,求檔和移除問題及再次補充發問,避免被檢舉及扣點...

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