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※Will have new learning of the method help for majority of new semesters to students.※We make use of a different memory method, can remember more things.※Our transformation different memory method can make to study to become more easy.※Oneself makes sure future interest.※The inside of the textbook that we use can use a picture to take into explication.※Reading aloud with own method is the most effective memory method.※Our examination wants to prepare in advance.※We follow four above suggestions, can make the learning become simply.


※Our trip wants to carefully plan and prepare.

※Our trip wants to confirm the data of everything.

※We travel and can along with take medicine and be like a motion sickness medicine.

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※We participate in culture of the region and the language of reading the region.

※When we travel our having valuables can put in the safe-deposit box to ensure a ecurity.

※When we communicated with others, keep smile.


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