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Viola Kang 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前





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    The shop of roasted Mashu baked epidermal Coke crunchy and inside is soft soft tender quite tasty, but he can also add flavor, a Mashu can add two different tastes very special. But my point is, the Curry with soy sauce, sounds very strange, but it doesn't eat up is quite delicious, delicious is unexpected.

    2.First heard when large sausage traditional thought it was a small intestine, large intestine packages didn't expect is not, and the large intestine and sausage slices with 9-layer pagoda go over fried snacks. His large sausage fried slice down because of relationship so the epidermis are a bit crunchy, plus his sauces and nine layers of Tower on turn fried, the whole plate of the large intestine sausage is the odor is pressing, taste is not to say, is that people really want to have eaten a snack.

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    1.This store roasts a moichi to roast the epidermis burnt frailty frailty and inside are soft delicate soft delicately and rather eat well, and he can also add taste, a moichi can add two kinds of different tastes very special.And what I order is what curry adds soy sauce and sound seem very the oddness don't take very much, but eat of but is rather delicious, be regarded as eating well of unexpected happening.

    2.Heard the time of large intestine sausage in the beginning also thought to is the large intestine of traditional type to wrap small intestines and had never thought completely be not, and large intestine and sausage plused 9 F after cutting into slices tower the bottom turned over to fry of a light repast.His large intestine sausage because the slice bottom fries of relation so the epidermises all have a little frailty frailty of, turn over the relation for frying while plusing his sauce juice and 9 F tower, the whole dish large intestine sausage is that the aroma is pressing, taste has no words more to say, is also make the person really want have been eating of a kind of a light repast. 我小學生只能翻譯這樣了!!!