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  • Frozen
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    1 0 年前

    歌名:Love me Accapella (你很愛我)

    演唱者:Janice (衛蘭)

    收錄專輯:Day & Night




    The way you make me feel so adored

    Wish you'd bring me candies when I feel lonely

    Dream that you were my husband-to-be

    In 365, all I ask is one, name it after me

    Wish you'd write my name on your favourite palm tree

    Look in my eyes, love is all you can see

    Night and day I dream that things are the way before

    Will you love me more

    Where, when and why did you make me cry

    Loneliness has become another part of life

    Tears running strong and angels have gone

    Don't know how to carry on

    Baby I need you now

    I need your arms to hold me tight tonight

    Please turn the lights down low

    And feel my body glow, whisper and flow

    Baby I need you now

    I need your strength to hold me down tonight

    The world is out of sight

    Cause you are all that I've been searching for

    The way you make me feel adored

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