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麻煩大大幫忙 :)

(備註:希望是可以一句英文一句中文的那種 也不要用同上或是同第一段這種字眼 這樣比較好對照˙˙

謝謝你 :)

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  • 10 年前

    Yours was the perfect love; I swear it was 我發誓你的愛曾經是最完美的

    Until I had your love, my world was cold 獲得你的愛之前 我的世界一片冷

    I did what most men do and I messed it up 我做了男人都會做的事但我還是搞砸

    But when I got you back my world was whole 贏回你的愛後我的世界便完整

    The playa thing I let it go 我放棄當個花花公子

    Thought our life was set in stone 雖然我們的人生堅強如石

    But it wasn't and I'm here alone 但其實並不然 我獨自在這

    Nothing is in front of me 面前一片荒蕪

    I feel I can't even breathe 感覺無法呼吸

    Don't think that I can handle this, baby I'm so ... 別以為我能承受的住 寶貝 我…

    (副歌)I'm so in agony, look at the state of me 我痛苦煎熬著 看看這樣的我

    Left here...Broken 被遺留…心破碎

    You said you'd never leave 你說你絕不會離開

    Look what you've done to me 看看你對我做了什麼

    Left here...Broken被遺留…心破碎(副歌)

    Where do I go from here? I'm so lost 我該何去何從?我迷失了

    Do you know how hard it is? 你知道這有多困難嗎?

    Fighting my way through this 試著跨越這一切

    Shouldn't even be like this 根本就不該是這樣

    Shouldn't have to feel like this 根本就不是這樣的感覺

    no..... noooooo no 不…

    Can't even have company 連陪伴都沒有

    (Nobody can talk to me) nobody can talk to me (沒人能跟我談) 沒人能跟我談

    I messed up all that I found myself doing 我搞砸了我所做的一切

    Looking through my gallery, drinking and smoking weed 看向我的畫廊 酗酒 吸大麻

    I hate you for doing this to me girl I'm sooo... 我恨你對我做的一切 女孩 我…


    (Broken, broken, broken) (破碎 破碎 破碎)

    Never thought I'd be this low down in my life 從沒想過我人生會有這樣的低潮

    I swear I'm... 我發誓我…

    (Broken, broken, broken) (破碎 破碎 破碎)

    Everyday I wished that it was me that had died 每天我都希望死掉的是我

    And I'm... 而我…


    ps. 字數關係必須用副歌代替完整歌詞

    參考資料: 自己翻
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  • yanity
    Lv 4
    4 年前

    Broken Digga

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