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商業英文翻譯中文 20點 麻煩各位大大

Rent controls always involve setting a rent ceiling below the market equilibrium rent. Since the city council wants to keep rents at the old rent,the rent-controlled price is P1 and the rental price is not permitted to increase to P2. Landlords can no longer accept the higher rental bids of tenants, so the quantity demanded will be Q3 in Figure 3-3, while the supply of housing units will be only Q1. A housing shortage of Q3 - Q1 will result, and the landlords will have to employ somenon-price-discrimination criteria to allocate the available housing units.

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  • Paige
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    10 年前

    租金控制總是把最高租金設定低於市價租金. 因為市議會想要保留原有租金, 租金控制價是P1, 而且這個價錢不允許被增加到P2. 房東不能再接受房客提供較高的租金出價, 所以數量需求在圖3-3就是Q3,而房子的供應量就只是Q1. 房子短缺結果就是Q3-Q1.這時房東就會利用一些非價格歧視的條件來分配這些剩餘的房子.

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