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SXT element是啥意思?



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  • 10 年前

    I look for the information via Wiki

    SXT may refer to:Soft X-ray transient or X-ray novasoft X-ray telescope, a telescope that views soft X-rays an instrument on the Yohkoh (Solar A) space probean instrument on the Astrosat space probe在維基中對他的解釋有兩個 ㄧ個是

    soft X-ray transient

    Soft X-ray transients (SXT) are composed of some type of compact object and some type of "normal", low mass star (i.e. a star with a mass of some fraction of the Sun's mass). These objects show changing levels of low-energy, or "soft", X-ray emission, probably produced somehow by variable transfer of mass from the normal star to the compact object. In effect the compact object "gobbles up" the normal star, and the X-ray emission can provide the best view of how this process occurs

    他是屬於一種小型物質, 小型能源的散發物, 這種小型物質可以在隨意穿梭物質甚至可轉換成其他物質

    參考資料: Wiki
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