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O Children

想請問Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds的O Children

的動態歌詞? 謝謝!

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    [ti:O children]

    [ar:Nick Cave]


    [00:00.00]O children

    [00:07.10]專辑:Abattoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus

    [00:14.10]演唱:Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


    [00:28.10]Pass me that lovely little gun

    [00:31.04]My dear, my darting one

    [00:35.40]The cleaners are coming, one by one

    [00:39.05]You don't even want to let them start


    [01:00.28]They are knocking now upon your door

    [01:02.34]They measure the room, they know the score

    [01:07.47]They're mopping up the butcher's floor

    [01:11.09]Of your broken little hearts


    [01:29.00]O children


    [01:30.40]Forgive us now for what we've done

    [01:34.21]It started out as a bit of fun

    [01:38.28]Here, take these before we run away

    [01:43.35]The keys to the gulag


    [01:49.78]O children


    [01:57.00]Lift up your voice, lift up your voice


    [02:12.91]Rejoice, rejoice


    [02:34.62]Here comes Frank and poor old Jim

    [02:38.28]They're gathering round with all my friends

    [02:41.77]We're older now, the light is dim

    [02:45.92]And you are only just beginning


    [03:00.45]O children


    [03:06.45]We have the answer to all your fears

    [03:09.56]It's short, it's simple, it's crystal dear

    [03:13.39]It's round about, it's somewhere here

    [03:17.42]Lost amongst our winnings


    [03:24.42]O children


    [03:31.79]Lift up your voice, lift up your voice



    [03:47.25]Rejoice, rejoice


    [03:53.49]The cleaners have done their job on you

    [03:56.82]They're hip to it, man, they're in the groove

    [04:00.54]They've hosed you down, you're good as new

    [04:04.19]They're lining up to inspect you


    [04:10.87]O children


    [04:25.00]Poor old Jim's white as a ghost

    [04:27.82]He's found the answer that was lost

    [04:31.49]We're all weeping now, weeping because

    [04:35.70]There ain't nothing we can do to protect you


    [04:42.49]O children


    [04:49.58]Lift up your voice, lift up your voice

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