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秘密花園 心得 中翻英 急求翻譯高手

可請哪位高手 幫我中翻英~拜託拜託了~





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    "Secret Garden" is American woman of letters Frances. Burnette's work. The story take one quite rich mystical and the legendary color's ancient manor as a background, lost parents' young Mary by one in one day to travel to distant lands, arrived at Britain from India to go to his/her uncle the manor master what one sees and hears a succession of inconceivable mystical event, has promulgated this ancient manor secret vicissitudes history.Mary since childhood on, because the parents double perishes, went through many places has hired oneself her uncle. Her short temper, willful, is also selfish, therefore nobody likes her. One day's, she has found a key, thus has opened that dust-laden already long garden, caused her life to have 360 degree big transformations, opened the secret garden in Mary, when opened in her heart good at the same time, because parents' departing, she hid warm benevolence's, when she found the secret garden the key, also simultaneously opens the Mary heart against key.But to finally, she changed her, the indirect change her life, also changed her all around other people to her and to this world view, the idea, even has helped many people. Not only causes the secret garden reproduction vitality, also made Kirlin to restore has been healthy and is self-confident. Henceforth the entire manor brims with is being happy and is joyful. Between the human and the human wants to encourage, the trust mutually.“when God closes your leafed door, must open another leaf of window for you” the thing beautiful clown to stem from own innermost feelings, joyful is one day, sad is also one day, why sad has gone? Was inferior that passed joyfully happily, each day!

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