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佳柔 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂明星與名人 · 9 年前








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  • 9 年前

    這是 Gonna Get This 和 Iyaz 唱的


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    I think we got somethin'

    Hey, It's my girl Hannah ,

    And Iyaz on the track right now

    Hey, Let's go

    Today were gonna get this *3

    Were gonna get this *2

    [Verse 1]

    I can here you crankin up dem speakers

    I don't really wanna show up any later

    Because soon were gonna party like it's new years

    Yo I'm lovin all the music that there playin'

    But I ain't hearin' anything you're sayin'

    Today were gonna get this gonna live exquisite

    Oh oh, Oh oh

    (get yo hands up)

    Somebody dance beside me,

    'Cuz im feelin' good at this party

    Yeah, I'm fly just like Bob Marley

    So here we go again, just lead up


    Are you the boy, the boy, the boy

    The honest truth, the real McCoy

    If you're the boy, the boy, the boy

    Then make me feel like a movie.

    This girl, this girl, this girl

    Can be the one to rock my world

    So be my girl, my girl, my girl

    And love me just like a movie

    [Verse 2]

    I can see you hangin' out in the corner

    Lookin fly and you finally comin' over

    I've been checkin' out ya, but you didn't notice

    Oh Oh, Oh Oh

    Yeah I did and it's really nice to meet ya

    1,2,3 could you smile for a picture?

    Today were gonna get this, gonna really live it

    Oh Oh, Oh Oh

    Somebody just said

    "Hannah, do you already have a man

    'Cuz I'm smooth like Carlos Santana."

    Well here we go boy, just crank it up



    Yeah I'm gonna sing my melody

    If ya wanna join in go ahead and sing

    We can dance all night baby you and me

    Oh Oh, Oh Oh

    Yeah we gonna get down and party

    Celebrate with everybody

    Have a crazy good time,

    Yeah the time of our lives

    Oh Oh, Oh Oh



    This boy, this boy, this boy


    That girl, that girl, that girl

    This boy, That Girl *3

    P.S 歌詞有點省略因為超過字數了:(


    叫做 Hannah's Gonna Get This

    Part 1

    Youtube thumbnail

    Part 2

    Youtube thumbnail


    Part 3

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • 9 年前

    Ganna get this-Hannah Montana ft Iyaz


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