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chang 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前


Technological advancements that enhance the quality of life


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  • chen
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    9 年前

    作文題目Technological advancements that enhance the quality of life

    . 要有3各reason

    Technology in Taiwan is certainly advanced that makes

    . the quality of our life especially youngsters,

    . such as ;

    One is Public Transpotation and the others are Medical Treatment

    . and nursing field, and Electron field.

    The Public Transpotations are smoothly convenient

    . in the whole- island ,

    . it's like Airlines ,Marine Transits

    . Land-Transits which have obtained Ta-Trains, THSR

    . and some area gived us MRT including Shuttle Buses for taking.

    The Medical Treatmnt and nursing field is now enforced

    . the healthcare by goverment to all of people.

    The Electron field is good for any persons,

    . we can enjoy watching 3D TV, wisdom Mobile Phone

    . or playing Will games.

    The above facts are a long-term growth that its solid foundation

    . have possessed strong technical experience in Taiwan,

    . but also our fields [industries ] are continuing proposperous.

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