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    3:40 是這一首...演唱者 : Reveille歌名 : Look At Me Now歌詞 ↓he can't avoid conflict-

    he's lost cuz he's incomplete

    he's in between, somewhere in between, in between the sleepless shadows

    battling to break the love that's 'guaranteed to make you bleed thicker than blood'

    he don't want it, but craves what he can't escape

    he's staring straight through his fate and now he's face to face

    you wanna fall down, well this could make your dreams come true

    because the devil was an angel toolook at me now, making the same mistakes i said i'd never make again-

    but now i'm back in the same place

    look at me now, somebody stole my soul-

    i feel the breaks go and i'm spinning out of controlcome step into a brave new world-

    not even worth it

    decent comes quick and now he's anything but perfect

    and still he worships that fundamental bullshit talk

    'the path you carve yourself is the path to walk'

    now walk alone-

    play it to the bone

    don't make it right just because he got his sickness from that venomous bite

    we wanna fall down, well this could make our dreams come true

    because the devil was an angel tooit's gonna be alright, everything's okay

    mothers tears will fall and wash it all awaysuck, suck it- suck, suck it up

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