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幫我翻Oliver Twist翻譯

Nothing, Nancy said. Nothing? said Oliver. His heart sank. He had felt so close to finding out who he was. Now he was back in the dark. But there is someone who may tell you more, Nancy said. Who? asked Oliver. I do not know his name. And he does not know mine, said Nancy . That was our agreement. But I can take you to him. Please do! Oliver exclaimed. Yes, aunt was napping upstairs. They left her a note saying they would be back soon. Then they found a cab. Nancy gave the driver an address. The man cracked his whip. His horse trot-ted smartly to a hotel in the heart of the city. Nancy led them to a room on the third floor. She knocked on the door. It opened. And Oliver thought his heart would burst with joy. Mr. Brownlow! he said.

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    "什麼都沒有." Nancy說.

    "什麼都沒有?" Oliver說. 他的心沉了下去. 離他找出自己的身分只差這麼一點. 現在他又回到一片漆黑之中了.

    "不過有個人可能可以多告訴你一點." Nancy說.

    "誰?" Oliver問.

    "我不知道他的名字. 他也不知道我的," Nancy說. "那是我們的協議. 不過我可以帶你去找他."

    "請你一定要這麼做!" Oliver大叫.

    沒錯, 阿姨還在樓上睡午覺. 他們留了一個留言, 說明他們很快就會回來. 然後他們找到了一輛出租馬車. Nancy給了司機一個地址. 那個男人抽了一下鞭子. 他的馬很聰明的快步向市中心跑去.

    Nancy帶領他們到一個在三樓的房間. 他敲了門. 門打開了. 然後Oliver覺得他的心會因為太高興而炸掉.

    Brownlow先生! 他說.


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    "Brownlow先生!" 他說.

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