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  • 9 年前

    You can find some information via Wiki.

    Here I paste some which you might need.


    The debate consisted of three parts and lasted for a duration of 142 minutes in total. It focused on the proposed economic agreement between Taiwanand Mainland Chinacalled the ECFA. Ma represents the Kuomintang party in government, and claims Taiwan must sign an ECFA with the People's Republic of Chinain order to prevent Taiwan from being marginalized as a regional economy as other countries in the region become more integrated. Tsai disagreed with these claims, and stated that the government must get consent from the Taiwanese citizens through a referendumbefore signing the agreement. She expressed concerns that the trade pact could undermine Taiwan's sovereignty and lead to an influx of cheap Chinese products into Taiwan's market, which would hurt local industries with lower profits, higher unemployment and a lower average income.The second round was held in Taoyuancounty.[2][3] The third round of talks took place on June 12, 2010 in Beijing with an agreement on list of products and services approved for tariff cuts.[4]

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    There is currently much controversy in Taiwan over the ECFA, including over potential effects on local Taiwanese businesses,[9]as well as on how the government has presented it to the public.

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    See the website.

    參考資料: Wiki
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    9 年前

    誰找的題目? 台灣不簽, 根本就是死路一條, 民進黨黨主席講了半天, 也是說不是不簽, 而是現在不能簽. 如果這是民進黨的基調, 你就知道, 選到反方的人只有靠技巧, 以及對手太弱拿些同情分了. 因為你沒辦法用立論基礎來把一個很大的經濟, 社會, 政治, 兩岸和平的錯綜複雜問題在有限時間講清楚.

    連飽讀財經政治學問, 有實際從政經驗的蔡英文都講不好的辯論, I feel sorry for you.

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