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What do you like very much?

share your opinion in English,thanks!

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  • 10 年前

    I like to watch political talk shows on TV.

    Everyday I spend at leat a couple of hours watching political TV talk shows. The politicians and decision makers can affect our lives immensely. So I pay a lot of attentions on what they do and what opinions they have on all aspects of issues.I like the arguments from all sides of the pros and cons so I can see the clearer picture of their agendas. Taiwan has come a long way in terms of democracy. I feel fortunate that I enjoy freedom and civil rights like a human being is entitled to.

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    Well, I guess I screwed up didn't I? That's the thing, I couldn't tell. How do you tell this kind of things? The mentality of modern youths is hard to grasp.

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  • 10 年前

    This is a rather vague question Jim; I am surprised you would put up with it...

    It seems to be some lazy kid who does not want to do homework for himself

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