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1. 太陽眼鏡,將可讓佩戴者立即切換成幾乎是彩虹中的任何色彩。不管你喜歡那種顏色的鏡片,從透明到紅、綠、藍、紫,都可以透過調整鏡架上的細小電子旋鈕辦到。

2. 缺水與缺電,早已成為台灣每值春夏必臨的夢魘,在缺乏天然資源下,只有盡力開發「環保能源」,並營造「節能減碳」的環境來保護我們的地球。

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    1. 太陽眼鏡,將可讓佩戴者立即切換成幾乎是彩虹中的任何色彩。不管你喜歡那種顏色的鏡片,從透明到紅、綠、藍、紫,都可以透過調整鏡架上的細小電子旋鈕辦到。

    Sunglasses can be turned by their wearers into almost any colors from a rainbow. No matter which color you like for your lenses, raning from transparent to red, green, blue and purple ones, you can make it by adjusting a tiny electronic switch on their frame.2. 缺水與缺電,早已成為台灣每值春夏必臨的夢魘,在缺乏天然資源下,只有盡力開發「環保能源」,並營造「節能減碳」的環境來保護我們的地球。

    Water and electricity deficiency has become a nightmare in the spring and summer seasons of Taiwan.Under the circumstance in which we are short of natural resources, only implementing "eco-friendly energy" and "reduction in carbon emission" can we protect our earth.

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    1. sunglasses will be such as to enable the wearer to immediately switch to almost any color in the Rainbow. Whether you like the color of the lenses, from transparent to red, green, blue, purple, will adjust the frame is a small electronic knobs on.

    2. lack of water and electricity, have become a Taiwan every value in the spring and summer will Pro nightmare, in the absence of natural resources, only the best development 「introduction green energy 」 and create 「introduction energy saving minus carbon 」 environment to protect our planet.