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煩請告知下列英文"心懷善念"該如何翻譯 ?


1.請心懷善念,做如何事, 說任何話,請以"善念"為考量。


3.做任何事情不要一味要求別人,而是要先 "反求諸己" 先看看自己是不是也能達到 ?



1.Please be so kindness to others. Use charity to do something and to talk anything.

(不懂這心懷善念該怎麼講 ?)

2.He seems, is a look of righteousness.

(不懂這正氣怎麼講 ?)

2 個已更新項目:

3.To do anything not to blindly ask for others, but to do interior "introspection" in advance whether we can achieve it by our own ability ?

(不懂怎麼寫 ?)

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  • Kevin
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    10 年前

    請心懷善念,做如何事, 說任何話,請以"善念"為考量。Be harboring good thoughts, allowing them to guide you as you act or speak.他看起來就是一臉正氣。His face just glows with righteousness.做任何事情不要一味要求別人,而是要先 "反求諸己" 先看看自己是不是也能達到 ?Do nothing without asking yourself first instead of others if it can possibly be done as required.

    2010-12-15 17:31:04 補充:

    Well. yes. Kind of my idiosyncrasy. But I also enjoy writing long sentences:


    2010-12-15 17:35:01 補充:

    To RJ,

    One of my candidates was:

    His face is radiant with integrity.

    2010-12-15 17:39:03 補充:

    But I don't quite follow when you said "unintended implication."

    2010-12-16 14:02:05 補充:

    Thanks for your comments, RJ and Joe! ^_^

    2010-12-17 16:21:58 補充:

    Harbor charity in your mind as a guide to what to do and say.

    2010-12-17 18:26:46 補充:

    Master u,

    Different languages have some of their ways of expression in common and others quite diverse from each other. That's why translation softwares don't always, if sometimes, work.

    2010-12-17 18:26:55 補充:

    Verbatim translation is one, yet not the sole, way to do it. So certainly you can use "introspection." It's just a matter of style, I think.

    2010-12-18 08:30:49 補充:

    Well put, RJ and Joe! ^_^

  • Joseph
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    10 年前

    Yeah, I too feel uneasy about "a righteous look". Perhaps I've been poisoned by popular culture that often advise caution around men who APPEAR righteous--yours truly, for example. :)

    2010-12-16 06:31:11 補充:

    Having said that, my opinion is that "righteous" or "righteousness" is still suitable in this context.

    2010-12-16 13:27:58 補充:

    Thanks! I know I can be quite annoying with my babbling, so do feel free to ignore me, or correct me, or simply tell me to zip it. ;)

    I also like Kevin's suggestion of "radiant with integrity". It also clearly conveys the message.

    2010-12-18 02:12:44 補充:

    I agree wholeheartedly on Kevin's take on translation, and also on our good Reverend's interpretation on "introspection". 另外建議 u 大師查詢英英字典,很多時候英中字典的解釋並不正確,或是不完整。其實英英字典字典並不是說每本都正確,多查幾本比較妥當,也能助您從多方面解釋了解字義。

    Now I'm beginning to sound like a fanboy of Kevin & rjamesho. ;)

  • u
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    10 年前

    Do nothing without asking yourself first instead of others if it can possibly be done as required.

    Master Kevin, You really made every sentence short.

    I liked this==> instead of others.

    For my own writing, I would probably make it==> instead of ( asking) others.

    2010-12-17 16:44:52 補充:

    Thanks for Kevin, RJ and Joe.

    All your expressions are so much valuable to me.

    Per my personal thinking,rightousness is a righouusness which just convey a person who has a looking face of "正直" but nobody can tell whether it is a real or false.

    2010-12-17 16:48:36 補充:

    小白謝謝大家踴躍的發言 !

    希望各位前輩繼續支持,不要被我這個小白的怪問題給嚇到了 ^^

    2010-12-17 16:50:47 補充:

    還有一個問題,為何反求諸己不能用==> introspection

    但是字典上的確翻成==> 反省 !

  • 10 年前


    1. 請心懷善念,做如何事, 說任何話,請以"善念"為考量。Please do hold on to a sense of goodness in all that you do, and all that you say – please evaluate them with a sense of goodness. 2. 他看起來就是一臉正氣。He looks to be full of righteous sentiment. [Righteous sentiment 感覺上是so-so的翻譯,別人應該會有更好的譯法。]3. 做任何事情不要一味要求別人,而是要先 "反求諸己" 先看看自己是不是也能達到? In whatever we do, let us not cast the full responsibility onto others; but find out first if we can measure up to what we are demanding of others. [我把“一味要求別人”翻成“把所有的責任都推給別人”,不知道是否合乎原意?]

    2010-12-14 23:53:23 補充:

    Kevin: Good stuff.

    “...glows with riighteouwness”is indeed superior. I was actually looking for "radiates" -- to avoid using "glows" and "righteousness" in the same sentence to avoid unintended implication :-)

    2010-12-16 01:02:33 補充:

    Being a pastor, I often become overly sensitive to the notion of "self-righteousness" (re: image of Pharisees), and "glowing" happens to play into my sensitivity.

    "Radiant with integrity" is a pretty good one too.

    2010-12-16 09:33:06 補充:

    I agree with Joe that "righteous" or "rignteiousness" is the best choice of word(s) to convey "正氣".

    2010-12-17 23:07:49 補充:

    Introspection 比較著重在自我思量,也可以引申到檢討自己有沒有做錯。在意思上比較沒有把“求”字的意思翻出來。而“要求”自己卻是“反求諸己”的要點,所以Kevin用“asking yourself”,我用"find out if we can"來表達“反求”的意思。

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  • tzylan
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    10 年前

    1. 請心懷善念,做如何事, 說任何話,請以"善念"為考量。Keep a charitable mind in anything you do and every word you say. Charitable mind is always above all.

    2.他看起來就是一臉正氣。His integrity expresses itself.

    3.做任何事情不要一味要求別人,而是要先 "反求諸己" 先看看自己是不是也能達到 ?Don’t be demanding without introspection. Ask yourself if you are capable to do before you ask for others.