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1. 近半數職缺要求英文能力 國外最新的技術基本上都是以英文發佈,如果想在技術上領先別人,具備英文「閱讀能力」就是工程師們很關鍵的競爭力指標。企業在布局上更強調國際化的結果之下,很明顯地要求員工英文能力不斷提升。 2. 英文能力影響升遷機會 在一個人的職涯路徑中,英文能力會是一個升遷決策的關鍵能力。有的公司是規定在升遷制度中,有些公司是列為選才要求的附帶條件之一。尤其是愈高階的職位,勝負往往就在伯仲之間,此時英文好就成為致勝的王牌。 3.英文能力的準備永遠不嫌晚 要為自己設定目標,並找到能夠有系統地提升英語能力的課程或方式,並且給自己一個檢測時間,例如每10週檢測一次,這樣就會好好加緊腳步學習。

4. 具備成長力才能帶來求職優勢 成長力分成四個指標:主動力、學習力、專業力、穩定力。這些指標或多或少都可以反映在求職者能力的準備及企圖心上。 5. 英語力要有檢定證照才有信服力 當企業在徵才時,當所有應徵者都說自己的英文能力為「優」,但你能多拿出一張證照證明你的英文能力時,你就展現出比其他競爭者更多的信服力。 6. 能國際化的人才 才是好人才 針對後ECFA時代,兩岸之間互動愈來愈頻繁,未來就業市場會變成什麼模樣?因此,充實自我,加強自身的英文能力,讓自己成為最搶手的國際化人才,才能創造屬於自己的職場優勢。

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    1. Nearly half of English proficiency requirements of job openings

    The latest technologies are basically foreign to the English release, if you want to lead others in the technology, with the English "reading" is the engineers are critical indicators of the competitiveness. More emphasis on enterprises in the layout of the results under International, and an obvious ability to require employees to continuous improvement in English.

    2. English ability of advancement opportunities

    In a person's career path, the English ability of a promotion decision is the key to capacity. Some companies in the promotion system is to provide, some companies choose to ask for collateral as one of the conditions. Especially in the more advanced position, the outcome often nearly tied, this time good to be winning the English ace.

    3. English ability is never too late to prepare

    To set goals for yourself and find a systematic way to improve their English course or way, and give yourself a detection time, for example, tested once every 10 weeks, so it will take to intensify the pace of learning.

    4. Have the power to bring about job growth advantage

    Growth force is divided into four indicators: active, learning ability, professional ability, stable power. These indicators can be more or less reflected in the ability of candidates to prepare and attempt to heart.

    5. English proficiency test certificates should be convincing only

    When the enterprises in the recruitment, when all the candidates say their English ability as "excellent", but you can come up with a license number to prove your English ability, you will show more convincing than the other competitors force.

    6. To international talent is good talent

    After the ECFA for age, more and more frequent interaction between the two sides, will become the future job market look like? Therefore, to enrich themselves and enhance their English ability, allow themselves to be the most sought-after international talent to create their own career advantage.

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    1. Nearly half of duties lack the request English ability overseas newest technology basically are issued by English, if wants technically to be in the lead others, has English “the reading knowledge” is engineers the very essential competitive power target. The enterprise in the layout stressed that the internationalization under the result, requests the staff English ability to promote unceasingly very obviously.

    2. English ability influence is promoted the opportunity in a person's duty border way, English ability can be is promoted policy-making essential ability. Some companies are stipulated in is promoted in the system, some companies are one which of provisos lists as elects only then to request. Especially recovers the higher order the position, the victory and defeat often in about the same, this time English good becomes sends the victory the trump card.

    3. English ability prepares never to dislike late Must for own hypothesis goal, and finds can is have promotes English ability systematically the curriculum or the way, and gave itself examination time, for example every 10 weeks examined one time, well will like this step up the footsteps study.

    4. Has the growth strength to be able to bring seeks employment the superiority growth strength to divide into four targets: Action, study strength, specialized strength, stable strength. These targets more or less may reflect in the job seeker ability preparation and business center of figure.

    5. English strength must have the examination card according to only then to have the belief strength, when enterprise when drafts only then, when all registrant said that own English ability is “superior”, but you can put out a card according to prove when your English ability, you unfold compared to other competitor more belief strength.


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    參考資料: 6. Can internationalize the talented person is the good person only then after ECFA the time, between both banks interacts to be getting more and more frequent, in the future what appearance the employment market will turn? Therefore, the enrichment, strengthens own English ability, becomes the most
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