used to + V = was used to Ving


He used to get up early. 可以說成 He was used to getting up early. 嗎?


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  • 10 年前

    【主詞 + be usedto + N/Ving】 漸漸習慣於...

    有種狀態上從A變化成B的感覺, 可寫成 get usedto N/Ving 例如剛換新環境:I wasn’tused to the life style at the beginning. I am usedto the life style now. 三態如下 (過去) wasused to / were used to (現在) be usedto [be=am/is/are](未來) will beused to 否定: 在be動詞後加not  [ex: I am not used to thelife style.]★ 此句型to為介系詞 【主詞 usedto + V原】過去習慣於…過去習慣做某事情, 現在可能少做了或不做了 例如抽菸:He usedto smoke, but he doesn’t do it anymore. 三態如下(過去) used to(現在) 無(未來) 無否定: He didn’tuse to smoke. (否定用法不常見; 通常我們會說He didn’tsmoke.或 He never smoked.)★ 此句型to 為不定詞裡的to

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  • 10 年前

    used to + V ~ 過去曾....

    was used to Ving ~ 對....習慣了

    中文的“習慣” 翻成英文有兩種意思:

    1. habitually

    He used to get up early.他以前很早起床

    2. be accustomed to

    He was used to getting up early. 他以前對早起習慣了