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20點!!急 徵英文高手讀出影片對話

20點!!急 徵英文高手讀出影片對話



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  • 10 年前

    I've got more friends than Kyle, I've got more friends than Kyle.

    How the hell do you have more friends than me?

    Cause people think I'm cool dude!

    How many friends do you have Kenny?


    What? How the hell do I have only 37 friends.

    Oh!! You guys are doing tha tstupid facebook stuff again.

    Stupid facebook stuff.

    why are you guys in here wasting time we're supposed out playing video games,

    Stan, You don't get how cool facebook has become, you can message your friends play yatzy with your friends even start your vitual farm have your freinds visit it.

    Dude, who the hell want to play Yatzy,

    Stan, we know it's hard to get started. but we have another surpirse for you,

    Yeah dude, we made you your own facebook page.

    Hey Stan, Iwas on my computer at work and saw you have a facebook page now?

    Yeah Dad, I was kin of forced to.

    well,so are you gonna add me as a friend

    no dad, I really don't want to get more into it.

    Oh OK! so I'm, I'm not your friend then?

    Dad, You are my friend.

    but you still don;t want to add me as a friend?

    Dad, it's just a stupid click of a button that takes two seconds.

    right but you have the two seconds or...

    I just want to do my homework!!

    all right fine!

    just to be clear, you and I are not friends?

    all right dad, I'll add you.

    oh!! cool Ok!!

    am I a joke to you?


    I just want to know, is that all i am? a joke?

    um, no!

    you do have a facebook page Stan

    oh no god damn it no, I just got that....

    Yeah, I saw your page Stan, relationship status single?

    relationship statue? i didn't even pay attention to that

    you think by being single so you can use facebook to meet other girls,

    according to your face book page, we aren't friends.

    all right I'll add you as a friend, I'm sorry.

    and you'd better change your relationship status to in a relationship.


    by editing your profile under basic information.

    ok, I'm sorry!

    Edit profile, basic, settings jesus christ!!!

    Stan, why won't you be friends with grandma?


    2010-12-15 00:14:13 補充:

    Ah, dad, I really don't want to pay attention to that.

    Grandma is in the hospital and you won't even be friends with her.

    all right dad, I'll add grandma as a friend.

    2010-12-15 00:15:01 補充:

    that's better, and I sent you a funny picture and you didn't respond to it.

    Dude, fxxk facebook seriously.

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  • 10 年前

    Good Job! Jim!

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    10 年前

    Wow! Jim你好厲害!!佩服!!佩服!!!!!!!!!!