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1. 賣家在台灣

2. 飾品保養:平時不佩戴時要收好,最好用密閉口袋裝好,防止銀飾表面與空氣接觸而氧化變黑。 佩戴時每天要用軟布擦拭銀飾表面,以保持光澤。不過最好是專用的擦銀布。 日常清洗的土辦法:擠一點牙膏在銀飾上面,加點水,適當揉搓至起小白泡泡, 再用清水沖乾淨即可恢復光亮。

3. ˙ 眼 鏡 保 養 及 使 用 方 法 ˙  太陽眼鏡的保養應如一般光學眼鏡一樣,用軟棉布或拭鏡紙清除鏡片上的灰塵或髒汙。


最好不要用手或指甲去除鏡片上的汙點。 不戴時應小心取下,置放時要將眼鏡折好,並將鏡面朝上,避免鏡片朝下。

為了省事許多人會將未放入眼鏡盒、眼鏡袋的眼鏡放入袋中或口袋內,這樣很容易使太陽眼鏡被鑰匙 或梳子等東西的稜角刮傷鏡片,不可掉以輕心。


4. 附贈 : 眼鏡盒、拭鏡布

5. 鏡框全寬 、 腳架長度 、鏡框長 (不含框) 、鏡框高 (不含框)

6. 適用 : 女性 / 男性

7. 眼鏡測量 、 商品尺寸 【平放測量】

8. 付款方式僅使用paypal

9. 商品從台灣寄出,一次買愈多,運費相同。

10. 物品可以寄送到全世界

11. 商品都是全新商品

12. 如有任何問題,歡迎來信

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    1. Seller in Taiwan.2. Jewelry maintenance: usually closed when not wearing a good, preferably airtight pockets for good, to prevent the silver surface and oxidized black in contact with air. Every day when worn surface with a soft cloth to clean silver in order to maintain luster. However, it is best to wipe special silver cloth. Daily cleaning of the indigenous methods: squeeze a little toothpaste on silver top, add a little water, rub to play the appropriate white bubbles, then washed with water to clean and restore the light. 3. ˙ glasses maintenance and use of sun glasses˙

    optical glasses such as general maintenance should be the same, with a soft cotton cloth or lens paper to remove dust or dirt on the lenses. If the lens has Wuban, grease or fingerprints, in the cleaning, the lenses should always use the detergent, in order to maintain the appearance of glasses. Best not to remove the lens by hand or stain on the nail. Should be careful not to wear off, placed a good time to break glasses, and the mirror up, to avoid the lens down.Many people will not bother to put glasses case, glasses bag glasses into the bag or pocket, it is easy to comb, sunglasses and other things is the key to the edges and corners or scratched lenses, can not be taken lightly. In hot weather, sun glasses If litter in the car or hot areas on the sun, sun glasses may be deformed. 4. Comes with: glasses case, lens-cleaning cloth 5. Frame full width, stand length, frame length (excluding frame), frame height (excluding box) 6. For: female / male 7. Optical measurement, 【product size flat measurement】 8. payment only paypal 9. Goods sent from Taiwan, a buy more, shipping the same. 10. Items can be sent to the world 11. Goods are brand new products12. If you have any questions, please email