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卉妮 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

關於 interface 的文章!救翻譯成中文

In interaction design,the move from object to experienceimplies a move from spatial form to temporal form .Taken together, spatial form and temporal form add up to movement through spacein time. In interfaces, animation and visual movement are not only composed inthe form of embedded videos or animated menus, but as part of the actualinterface.They are intertwined with navigational movement in and throughinformation space .As digital hardware and software continue todevelop, so do the dynamic features of interfaces.This raises newopportunities and challenges for design concerning the spatial and temporalform of screen spaces. Complex mediationis realised inthe interface by way of these features and properties.For the user, it isthrough the mix of media, modes and movement thata range of dynamic activitiescan take place. In turn, dynamic media types are also remediated as users navigate their way through information space. Asinformation continues to proliferate in digital communication, new mediatinginterfaces as well as analytical concepts are needed for creating understandingof what has been designed textually and rhetorically as well as for providingcommunicative and cultural resources and potential for meaningful experiences.The concept navimation—the intertwining of visual movement withactivities of navigation in screen interfaces—allows us to investigate thesecomplex relations at a textual and mediational level.We have investigatedfeatures of navimation by applying three concepts that, as semiotic resources, might also apply to other domains and designcontexts. Further research might investigate, for example, how differentinteraction techniques and physical devices affect temporal navigation,or how spatial manipulation can be applied outside the screen. Motionaltransformation has rich meaning potential that yet remains to be utilised,for example in visualising abstract data, a central concern in the field ofinformation visualisation.

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  • andrew
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    9 年前

    在交互設計,從體驗物件移動意味著從空間形態轉會到時間表單.取一起,空間的格式和時間格式添加通過櫃子時間運動。介面,在動畫及視覺運動不是只組成的在形式的嵌入式的視頻或動畫的功能表,但作為實際介面的一部分。他們航海運動交織在一起,並通過資訊空間文數位硬體和軟體繼續發展,也是如此的介面的動態功能。這就提出了新的機遇和挑戰有關的螢幕空間的空間和時間表單的設計。這些功能和屬性的方式實現的在介面複雜的調解。在的使用者是通過媒體的混合,模式和運動 那 範圍內的動態活動可以發生。在又動態媒體類型也被修正當使用者流覽其通過資訊空間的方式。擴散在數位通信中的資訊隨著新調解介面以及為分析概念所需的創建的什麼已原文和超常以及設計為交際與文化資源和有意義的 經驗.這 概念 navimation 的潛力的認識 — — 糾結的視覺運動與螢幕介面中導航的活動 — — 使我們能夠調查這些複雜的關係,在文本和仲介的產品有調查 navimation 通過應用三個概念,作為符號的資源可能也適用于其他域和設計的上下文的功能。為例進一步研究可能調查如何影響時間導航,不同的互動技術和物理設備或如何空間操作可以應用在螢幕外。運動轉換有潛在富有意義,但仍利用,例如在視覺的抽象資料中的欄位資訊視覺化的中央關注。

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