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好興奮我們下禮拜就可以見面了!只有妳和妳哥哥來嗎?還是妳爸爸媽媽也會來? 或者還有其他嘉賓?如果只有妳和哥哥,需要任何幫忙,請告訴我們(像是訂車票等等)我們非常非常樂意幫忙! 我已經通知了二舅舅和Emmy要聚餐的訊息,二舅舅說他星期六一早要上課,可能還要在看看時間上方不方便,Emmy 說最近她下班都要在19:30以後了,所以我們可以先約時間, 她下班後會趕過來.所以你們只有24號有空對嗎?請告訴我你們一共有多少人,你們幾點時間方便,這樣我們可以先訂餐廳. 你們有沒有特別想吃什麼或不吃什麼呢?希望你們在台灣玩得愉快,oh 對了順便告訴你 台灣要100歲了!!I can’t wait to see all of you!! Luv you!

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    好興奮我們下禮拜就可以見面了!只有妳和妳哥哥來嗎?還是妳爸爸媽媽也會來? 或者還有其他嘉賓?如果只有妳和哥哥,需要任何幫忙,請告訴我們(像是訂車票等等)我們非常非常樂意幫忙!

    I am very excited that we will meet next week. Will only you and your brother come here? What about your parents and other guests? If just you and your brother do, please tell us if you need any help(like booking train tickets or else).We are extremely pleased to help out.

    我已經通知了二舅舅和Emmy要聚餐的訊息,二舅舅說他星期六一早要上課,可能還要在看看時間上方不方便,Emmy 說最近她下班都要在19:30以後了,所以我們可以先約時間, 她下班後會趕過來.

    I have informed my uncle and Emmy of this gathering. He says that he has a class on Saturday morning and will go at his convenience. Emmy says she has recently come home after work at about 7: 30pm. So we might as well arrange an appointed time for her to come over here after work.所以你們只有24號有空對嗎?請告訴我你們一共有多少人,你們幾點時間方便,這樣我們可以先訂餐廳. 你們有沒有特別想吃什麼或不吃什麼呢?希望你們在台灣玩得愉快,oh 對了順便告訴你 台灣要100歲了!!

    So you are available only on 24th day of this month, right? Please tell us how many people there are in total. When will it be convenient for you to let us reserve a restaurant beforehand. Is there anything you want or don't want to eat the most? Hope you can have fun in Taiwan. Oh, by the way, our country Taiwan is going to have her 100th birthday!!I can’t wait to see all of you!! Luv you!