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Henry 007 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前

I have got a nose problem

I am having a serious nose problem for almost 2 years,

It makes me sneezing and snotty a lot and a blocked nose

I went to the doctor

and then I felt better just for a while, later on it came back

what should I do? please advise

Any answers would be every appreciated


Yes my doctor said that I have got an allergy in my nose, and it never ever recover, which

means an allergy will always be in my nose, oh my god I can't believe it.

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  • Joy
    Lv 6
    10 年前

    Some of my friends, they went to do the surgery, and the problem did have been improved. I also have this problem, sometimes itch eyes, too. I personally think it's the problem of the enviroment and the season, so it's just temporary relief by taking any medicine. Some people also suggest to try the chinese medicine, but to me, I prefer the nature way such as don't drink any ice drinks, always warm, water is always better than any drinks. Yoga will be the best exercise I recommend to boost up the immune system. Taking hot shower or bath before you go to bed, it does some help for the stuffed nose. And if you have pets at home, vacuum and dust at least twice a week .( It's so cruel to tell you that to get rid of them, but the truth is, it's better not to keep pet at home if you have this kind of problem.)

    And also keep warm of your head and neck all the time especially now it's the winter time. The above is how I do to keep my nose problem less serious. To use drugs will be the last thing I will come out with...Try to eat healthy, live healthy and do regular exercise, those nose symptoms will be reduced for sure, it works for me!!...Good luck!

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  • Paige
    Lv 5
    10 年前

    Unknowing what doctor said about your exact problem, I could only assume that you have seasonal allergies going on because they are the exact symptoms for my seasonal allergies.

    Have you tried Claritin - allergy medicine? It works well for my allergy. Only one pill a day and it tastes good, actually.

    And then for nasal congestion, I use Sudafed and it works ok for me too.

    Good Luck!!

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