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    Due to our poor proficiency in English, we export our products mostly through

    trading firms. However, we look forward to working directly with you and

    increasing business volume by our competitive offers.

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    透過貿商會有佣金支出, 因而價格競爭力會較低.

    參考資料: 國貿資深實務經驗
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    由於我司英文不專業,所以通常透過貿易商出口但我們希望有機會和您合作,給您競爭的報價 我的翻譯也給你參考一下: Due to our lack of professional English ability, we currently export our products through the trading company. However, we look forward to working with you directly in the future and being able to offer you much more competitive prices.

    參考資料: 我的外貿經驗
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  • leo
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    Due to poor language communication in English we mainly export products through trading firms. Anyway, we are pleased to offer you most comeptitive prices and look foward to build business relationship with you.

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    Because I take charge of English non-specialized, therefore usually penetrates the foreign trader to export 由於我司英文不專業,所以通常透過貿易商出口

    But we hoped that has the opportunity and you cooperates, competes the quoted price for you 但我們希望有機會和您合作,給您競爭的報價